January 2021
Goodbye 2020!!!! We are NOT going to miss y0ou!!

Please note: I am recovering from a mastectomy after 7 grueling months of chemotherapy, and spending a lot of time in physical therapy trying to overcome the damage from chemo. Your emails will receive a response as quickly as possible - except as usual on weekends and holidays - but please be patient as I recover. "Chemo Brain" is a real thing, as is neuropathy! :(

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It is never too early to order for 2021!!!


Order now for 2021!

Chicks are available starting in March and ending in October of each year - subject as always to the hens and roosters and their desires to provide acceptable progeny in a timely manner, the cooperation of the weather, and of course dependent upon weather conditions on both ends of their route. We do not ship when it is too cold or too hot - and the birds do not give many fertile eggs when it is too cold or too hot.

Waltz's Ark Ranch DOES NOT ship day-old chicks!

We ship chicks that are 1 to 3 weeks old, depending upon breed, as we have found they handle the rigors inflicted by the shipping process from our rural area much better than day-olds, especially the sensitive rare breeds. This age also enables us to sort out any weak and/or obviously inferior chicks prior to shipment to better assist the survival rate and of course increase your satisfaction (for example, you will NOT receive crooked toes or deformed beaks on any chick!) Weak chicks never go into a shipping box! ALL chicks are raised on organic feed/supplements!

Shipments of chicks are Straight Run Only, that means no guessing as to what sex they may be - you get what hatches. If you want sexed birds, outside of our upcoming Cream Legbars (2021) which can be sexed at hatch, you will need to order sexed juveniles. If ordering a variety of breeds/varieties, each chick will be marked with colored rubber leg bands (see bottom of page for how to get your own!) so that you can easily discern which breed/breeding pen is which. If ordering one breed, chicks will be marked that are from different breeding groups/lines. Every chick leaves here with bands - so please don't just remove them when they arrive with no way of marking them! Many customers have done just that, and have regretted never knowing which birds are related/not related to which!

Minimum order is 8 chicks

If you landed on this page from somewhere else other than this site, you can click on the name of each breed/variety for information about each.

Chick Prices for 2021

Light Sussex - $15.00 each - chicks available from several different lines, choose from American, Canadian, Australian, European lines, or a mix - limit 12 per order

Red Sussex - $15.00 each - chicks from 3 unrelated lines - limit 10 per order

Buff Sussex - $15.00 each - chicks from 2 unrelated lines - limit 10 per order

Speckled Sussex - $15.00 each - chicks from 3 unrelated lines - limit 10 per order

Coronation Sussex - $15.00 each - chicks available from 4 different lines, choose from Australian, Canadian, American, European lines, or a mix - limit 10 per order

Silver Sussex - $15.00 each - chicks available from 3 separate family lines - limit 10 per order

Swedish Flower Hen - $15.00 each - chicks available from 3 unrelated imports and several developed family lines - limit 10 per order

Breda - $15.00 each - limit 8 per order - chicks available from several unrelated imports

Breda - Cuckoo variety - $15.00 each - limit 8 per order - chicks available from two unrelated imports - you won't get all males!!!!

Isbar - $15.00 each - limit 12 per order - chicks available from 2 unrelated imports, as well as from 4 developed family lines

Augsburger - $20.00 each - limit 8 per order - progeny from the original imports and their immediate family members

Svart Hona (Swedish Black Hen) - $20.00 each - limit 8 per order

IXWORTH!! fabulous dual purpose breed! Wonderful Layers!!! - $20.00 each - limit 8 per order

Rare Chick Assortment - very popular!! - click here for more info - $125.00

A Waltz's Ark Exclusive to be released Spring 2020 to limited customers - after 6 long generations in the making - CHOCOLATE ISBARS!!!!! Pix as soon as everyone is finished with their molt! Chocolate green egg laying beauties!!! Get in on the reservations quickly or be at the end of the line! - limit 8 per order - $30.00 each

Cream Legbar (page coming soon) - females 20.00, males 12.00 - limit 12 total per order

Midget White heritage turkeys (page coming soon) - poults 15.00 each, straight run, minimum 6, limit 10 per order

Prices do not include shipping, which depends the weight of your order, the size of new biosecure shipping box needed for each shipment, and your zip code, - PLEASE NOTE that the above prices are for CHICKS, not juveniles or young adults or mature birds!!
See Shipping Information Below prior to ordering!
Reservations for chicks are filled in the order received (if the eggs are available) - even if we are not hatching or shipping due to heat/cold/molt or out of season or at current sold out status, please place your order to gain a place on the reservation list! If a breed is sold out that you are wishing for, please put in your reservation for the following year to get your chicks faster next year!

If you are wishing to purchase more of a quantity of a breed that has limits, please talk to us about it, we may be able to accommodate your request, depending upon availability and number of standing reservations.

Minimum order is 8 chicks!
No orders for single chicks of any breed/variety will be allowed! Minimum of 3 per breed/variety required!

Please click here to read our Sales Terms page prior to ordering

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Juvenile pairs/trios/available singles will be listed here for sale as they come available, so please check this page often or place a reservation for juveniles/young adults! Prices do not include shipping or shipping container. The birds listed here are the ones not already reserved, so sometimes the choices are small or non-existant. That said, sometimes we do have exactly what you are looking for we just haven't listed it yet......so please ask!!These are organically raised birds, no chemicals, no nonsense!

With the incredible nonsense going on with the United States Postal Service, I am not sure if/when juveniles can be safely shipped for spring 2021. I do know that the pricing for the heavier shipments will be quite a bit more than most of us are used to paying. I will await the input of my local postmaster as to when he feels it will be safe to attempt shipment of older birds and post what is available at that time. Hang in there and think positive thoughts!

Please click here to read our Sales Terms page prior to ordering

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We do not offer hatching eggs from any of our breeds/varieties at any time for any reason


PLEASE CHECK YOUR STATE AND LOCAL LIVE BIRD SHIPPING REGULATIONS BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER! We ship only to the contiguous 48 states (not to Alaska or Hawaii or Puerto Rico or Canada or Mexico or anywhere else - Just the Lower 48 United States!) We will NOT be held responsible for chicks/birds that are undeliverable due to your state and/or local post office regulations. Also please pay attention to any Avian Influenza outbreaks in 2020, as local/state regulations when those occur can affect your shipment.

Size of bird(s) and quantity will determine the size of bio-secure shipping container that will be required for your purchase, and the cost of that Approved Legal container will be included on your final invoice. The weight of your order along with your zip code determines the shipping costs via USPS - we have no control over their shipping rates! Lately these rates have been changing literally weekly, for reasons known only to them, so please expect variations in shipping costs, even if you order birds at different times.
All birds are shipped with a snack geared to the age of the birds and the distance they must travel. They are very well fed and pampered prior to going into their travel container, as all birds receive special feeding the week before they are shipped, including extra vitamins, electrolytes, extra proteins and fresh nutritious treats. They go into their shipping containers with a full crop, a happy heart, and health galore!

Waltz's Ark Ranch is an active and fervent participant in the NPIP Program - CO-#130
regularly tested by the State of Colorado for Avian Influenza

We ONLY accept PayPal for deposits and payments

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We reserve the right to refuse any sale. We reserve the right to change the price of chicks and/or juvenile/adult birds through the year (although any confirmed reservation will be filled honoring the price at the time of the reservation) as circumstances warrant (ie the continued increases in feed and electric costs!). We reserve the right to limit the number of chicks/birds per order as necessary to preserve the quality of the rare breeds/varieties we send to you.

Please click here to read our Sales Terms page prior to ordering

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Contact Waltz's Ark Ranch to directly place your orders or ask questions HERE (but please read the Sales Terms and How To Order pages first to see if your questions are already answered there!): [email protected]

We answer every email we receive! Emails are answered daily, excluding weekends and holidays. We do live rurally, so sometimes our internet connections are not the best, and not all emails reach us and sometimes not all emails actually go out, despite our best efforts and spending too much money on methods to "improve" our connections. If you haven't received an answer, PLEASE check your Spam/Junk folders to see if it is there, usually that's where it lands for most customers that overly manage their inboxes. If not there, then please do re-send your information!!!

Have you been searching for an easy way to mark your chicks as they hatch? Zip ties are a pain to put on wee freshly hatched chicks, to say the least! We found someone selling a product that has solved our issues with baby identification - rubber leg bands that come in several sizes and 6 bright colors. What a life saver! We switch to colored zip ties when the chicks outgrow the largest rubber band size. Please Contact Sheryl Allred for more information at [email protected] - Happy Hatching!

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