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Folks, please understand that we are undergoing a serious re-structuring of our goat herd. The extreme drought, and subsequent stupidly high prices of hay have forced us to downsize, very much against our will.
We are working hard to cull very carefully to keep truly only the best of the best, and that takes time. Lots of time, as many factors come into play in this sort of extreme that might not be more than a footnote in a normal year.

Please, bear with us while we work through this disaster, we had no idea before early spring 2018 that it was all going to be a train wreck. To make a bad situation even worse, Dr. Waltz was diagnosed with aggressive triple negative breast cancer at the end of 2018, and is now undergoing intense chemotherapy.

We are very certain that when we come out of the other side of this the concentrated Nigerian Dwarf herd will kick backside. Yes, we had to make the very tough decision to sell all of our Oberhasli and Boers. 25 years of intense work now being enjoyed by others.

Please know that the Nigerian Dwarf pages will be updated as we move through 2019, so please be patient with us as we come to grips with the "new normal".

Nigerian Dwarfs

Nigerian Bucks

Nigerian Does

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