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Rare and Heritage POULTRY

Our feathered endeavor at the Ark is breeding rare and heritage breeds of all sorts of poultry. Some of these breeds will be quite familiar to you, or you might remember from your childhood, and others will not be so familiar as they are rare not only in this country but around the world.

We are working with our healthy naturally-raised flocks (no chemical medications, no vaccinations, no GMO's!) to pair up the very best of the best for some of the prettiest, most functional poultry you'll find. We did not just purchase a pair or a trio of a breed and start selling the eggs as soon as they were laid in a get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, we have worked with each and every breed to set up many breeding pairs, trios, groups, etc. Culling is rigorous - the bird must meet the basics of the standard of their breed or they do not keep their jobs here! A great amount of time, effort, and expense has gone into combining excellent genetics to develop separate lines for each breed. By the time we offer them for sale, the birds have shown they are capable of what we expect, have gone through several generations, and produce accordingly.

We have narrowed our focus, eliminated some of the breeds/varieties that were not living up to expectations due to lack of quality available breeding stock, and continue to breed the best to the best in our pursuit of high quality birds for breeding, laying, meat, show, and of utmost importance to us - breed preservation. We don't raise and sell just because a breed is "popular" or the fad of the moment - everything breeding here is tended to and bred responsibly, with a careful eye to genetic lines, CORRECT birds that follow the APA SOP or their respective country's SOP - or in the absence of standards, as with the rare landraces, they are bred to the best of that breed's capabilities and expectations.

Now is the time to place your reservations for chicks and juveniles for 2021!! We are NPIP, AI tested several times per year, the owner is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) as well as a certified nutritional specialist (CNC), so the birds are as healthy and productive as they can possibly be. Take a look at the pages below for information on each breed. Sorry, we do not have pictures of every bird, with an average of 1500 to 2500 at any given time, it would be a very sluggish site for you to view - and very little would get done in a day here!

Click on any breed name below to take you to information and photos representing each. Enjoy your time here!

Waltz's Ark BIRDS 2019

American Heritage

Sussex - Red, Light, Speckled

Rare Breeds

These are breeds that are rare in the United States, due to very limited importation and/or very rare around the world as other countries have also faced the decline in numbers of many of their beautiful and unique productive breeds

Sussex - Silver, Buff, Coronation

Swedish Flower Hen

Breda Fowl



Svart Hona (aka Swedish Black Hen)


Coming in 2021 - Cream Legbars and Midget White Turkeys!

More Surprises to come!!! (we won't spill the beans or "count the eggs" until we are satisfied with what we are working with!)

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