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Welcome to Waltz's Ark Ranch!

Waltz's Ark is a small ranch located outside of Delta, Colorado, at the foot of the world's largest flat-topped mountain, the Grand Mesa. This area of Colorado is a semi-arid desert region - which means wide seasonal temperature extremes and a wide range of climatic conditions to deal with - and the Ranch sits at 5000 feet elevation.

We love our goats and birds! We raise them naturally on grazing and browsing, alfalfa mix hay, natural grain mixes (controlled amounts to lactating does!), medicinal herbs, natural wormers, and treats from our organic gardens. NO chemical additives EVER!! The lady running this place has been raising goats for over 30 years, birds for over 40 years, and is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutritional Consultant, so she knows a thing or two about how to do it all naturally.

Waltz's Ark can provide you with high quality dual purpose Nigerian Dwarfs, as well as a wide variety of rare poultry from around the world. We work hard at breeding meaty, well conformed animals that possess excellent parasite and disease resistance and are able to perform to their full genetic potential - our focus is on providing high quality breeding and show stock as well as top food animals. We do not sell our culls as breeding stock! Every animal offered for sale here is something we would happily keep in our own breeding herds or flocks, or it just isn't advertised for sale as a breeder. We have a ready meat market for the rejects from the breeding programs. "Average" (or below average!) Just Won't Do!

Of special interest and pride are the goats that are sired by some of the finest champion milk lines to have entered a show ring. And they are producers - both for show and for actually producing what is needed to put food on the table. Does that live here have to be able to feed the hungry population, not just look pretty! They are a very tough bunch that have been selectively bred to thrive in a low-maintenance manner in a tough environment. They must be able to kid easily, feed their kids well, survive and thrive without constant attention and intervention, have good hooves, great parasite resistance, great disease resistance, excellent maternal instincts, good to excellent milk production, and produce at least twins each kidding - or they just aren't going to be calling the Ark home! We are ruthless when it comes to culling! They aren't worth the papers that come with them if they can't work for a living - after all, "Average Just Won't Do"!

While we appreciate a well-bred animal's pedigree, we most appreciate the ADG's (average daily gains) and the meat and milk we can obtain from the goats with or without the registration paper - after all, we don't eat or drink the papers! That said, our breeders are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, and they are all excellent examples of their breeds or they wouldn't be here. Rest assured you will get what you pay for!

Since we know what goes into these animals, we are never worried about what we are serving our family or our customers when we utilize our stock for food, be it for meat, eggs, or for dairy products. Our caprines are a healthy, hearty bunch, ready to entertain you, be your loving companion, chew your weeds, pack your belongings into the mountains or down the trail, haul you or the kids and grandkids around in a cart, give you milk or meat or add valuable kids and fresh bloodlines to your current herd, or help you excel in the show ring. They are of a high enough quality to take to the biggest goat shows and breed to your very best goats. Our birds are among the healthiest you will ever meet, excelling at egg laying, meat production, and beauty.

No, we personally do not show. Both of us are disabled; travel and the rigors of the show ring are just too much work for us, and our children are long past the ages of living at home and showing for us. That does NOT mean that we do not have show quality animals!!! It only means that showing is too difficult for us at this stage in our lives - and we prefer being home with our critters. Our stock is from the top genetics recognized around the world for excellence. We don't flush, we don't do embryo transfers, we don't inject hormones or use lights to bring on unnatural cycles - we produce our top quality stock one intelligently considered and arranged hatching/kidding season at a time. No differently than what our Great Creator and Mother Nature originally intended.


We have been fortunate enough to obtain some of the top genetics available in our chosen breeds. You'll find many champions and well known foundation lines. Genetics have been chosen to put the most meat on a substantial correct frame and the best milk production and breed standards from our Nigerian Dwarfs. Our birds come from around the world, are bred to their respective breed standards, and have excelled in the show pens for many of our customers. We put in the time needed to preserve, protect, and perpetuate our rare feathered gems so that these incredible examples of the poultry world do not go extinct.


Don't forget to check out the information regarding natural goat production, medicines, etc. There are links to the lectures Dr. Waltz gave at Langston University and in Canada as well as some info added from many other smaller lecture series and questions posed most often by our customers.

We invite you to procure yourself a beverage and/or a snack, settle into your chair, and enjoy your visit here at the Waltz's Ark Ranch web site. Don't miss the breed sections for the caprines and the birds, those are packed full of useful information! We'll be happy to answer any questions you have after your tour through the site!


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